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psycophant's Journal

26 November 1984

beware: broody champion ahead

Konnichiwa! You've reached my pocket of personal space. My journal is full of private details so you'll find it f-locked. I don't add people that I do not know, or who I haven't asked to befriend. If you're a fan of my icons, then thank you! You can find them at mizugazipan.
A touch of biography: I'm twenty-seven years old, I live in foggy Northwest California, I'm a role-playing nerd and gamer chick with a mad boner for Valkyrie Profile and Dragon Age. I enjoy writing and reading fiction, drawing, painting and general artsy-craftsy tings.
I currently have a huge crush on: Dragon Age, Scott Pilgrim, Xena: Warrior Princess, Glee and all shows Gordon Ramsey.